Bhangra Dance London Testimonials

More than just a dance academy

“BDL is more than just a dance academy, it’s a family. I haven’t been here very long and already everyone is really supportive of one another and there is a welcoming atmosphere. BDL has given me the opportunity to participate in multiple shows and has encouraged me to be more confident as a person. In addition to this, The Academy has helped me develop as a dancer through their amazing coaching as well as improving my fitness. They are fantastic!”

Gurkirat Kaur
Academy Student

So much positivity

“I have been attending the BDL Classes for around one year now. I started as my children, aged 7 and 4, had an interest in Bhangra. The class has brought so much positivity and confidence building to my children, and for me personally to finally start getting some exercise. I have met some wonderful people in the class, and the teachers really make everybody feel so welcome”

Mani Bath
Class attendee and Parent of Academy student

I love all the energy and fun

"BDL Wednesdays have become a regular part of my weekly routine. I love all the energy and fun in the classes and at the same time helps me to keep fit and learn bhangra. It’s been a great way to meet new people and it’s an activity I have been able to enjoy with my daughter who has really developed week on week.

No matter how tired she is, she does not want to miss a class. Asa is a great teacher, has great banter and really keeps things fun. He spends the time to go around and ask how everyone is feeling and helps when people are struggling.

The BDL Youth classes are also amazing. Cannot believe how much my daughter has developed and grown in confidence over the few months it has been running. It’s because of the classes that she has the confidence to dance at parties/weddings and I have had so many compliments on her dancing because of it. She even starts randomly dancing at home and when we are out shopping, so it shows her passion for bhangra thanks to BDL".

Bal Atwal
Class attendee and Parent of Academy student

I am proud to be a part of BDL

“I have been with BDL for 3 months now. I love the high-energy and positive atmosphere when learning and performing in the class. I really enjoy being part of BDL because the team is very friendly and family like. We have a team with different age group specially the kids, they also enjoy the classes. Asa is an amazing, incredible and very energetic teacher, this motivates me and the class to improve ourselves each week. Not only it is super fun, when I do Bhangra and dance my heart out but the class also keeps me fit and healthy. BDL also promotes their students by taking part in different events which is a good learning experience for me and has helped me a great deal in both my personal and professional life. Through these events, BDL is able to show public how they have been able to spread the Bhangra spirit with coaching students at different levels. This is a source of entertainment for the community, promotes our culture and also helps us all in boosting our confidence.

I always look forward to my Wednesday class as it is varied each week, sometimes also with live Dhol!!! The class helps me to be active, enthusiastic and be myself!!! Bhangra is something that I love and enjoy doing and I thrive off the energy and hype I get from it!!! A big thank you to BDL and Asa for providing me with all the learning and upcoming opportunities, I am proud to be a part of BDL

Manpreet Ahluwalia
Class Attendee

Such a buzz in the air

“BDL lessons are fun and very high energy. There is such a buzz in the air during our Wednesday classes at Wexham. The teacher, Asa, creates a great atmosphere when teaching the class, he makes sure that there is consistency in his teaching and with the vocabulary he teaches. He connects great with children and adults alike. My daughter loved the classes so much and found a new love for her roots as a Punjabi that she decided to join the academy. She is an integral part of a great team of children that have a love of Bhangra.The Xmas event that BDL had was a great hit too. It’s become like a little family.

Roopa Suri‍
Class Attendee & Parent of Academy Student

Part of my weekly fitness plan

“My journey so far has been amazing.  Each and every lesson is packed with new and exciting moves, great teaching and of course the awesome songs! The BDL classes has allowed me to learn a lot about Bhangra, as well as help me become a more confident Bhangra dancer as each week progresses. The classes are fun and exciting, with a very energetic atmosphere and supportive teachers who help everyone in the class.  By attending the classes I’ve not only built on my Bhangra skills but also made new friends & improved my fitness and now it has become a part of my weekly fitness plan- which makes getting active so much more fun!

I would thoroughly recommend the classes to everyone, as it caters for all ages and abilities whether your looking to learn some new Bhangra skills or just getting fit in a fun and exciting way!

Prabh Basram
Class attendee and Academy student

A great role model

“Had a fantastic time at the BDL Christmas Party. Keep it up Asa Singh you are a great role model for the Youth of today. Looking forward to what BDL has in store of 2019.

Joti Sokhi

A proud moment

“It’s a proud moment to see the children grow confidence in their dancing as well as seeing them enjoy the learning process so much too!”

Punam Roda
Class attendee and Parent of Academy student

The best class that’s run in our area

"I started with Bhangra Dance London in Dec 2017, after being pushed by my daughter to join.  I was very nervous and shy. However, as a single mum it’s a great outlet.

The dance class on Wednesday evening is 7-8 for mums and kids, which is great for mums with young children. It’s a good-sized class with individuals at all levels of dancing ability. However, everyone has improved, and the classes have increased in size. I stay not only for the 1st class but attend the 2nd class, which is 8-9, the mixed class.

This class is fast paced and a fantastic workout. I have made some great friends, these classes are a great social, exercise and brilliant for youngsters to build confidence. Asa has a great teaching style which is well received by adults and children.

The young children look up to him. These classes have been great for my confidence and physical fitness. I have managed to persuade friends and family to join. It’s the best class that’s run in our area. I would be lost without the class as it’s my outlet.

Jas Sehra
Class Attendee

The classes are energetic, fun, and creative.

"We joined BDL classes when the were first set up in Slough in 2017 - and we have never looked back!  The classes are energetic, fun, and creative.  The instructors - Asa, Sonia, Simran, Randeep, Vicky and Karanveer- have a strong passion for what they teach and this reflected in the creative routines in each class, and the dedication and kindness that they show to each and every individual that attends.  They do a fantastic job of making sure that this intricate cultural dance is learnt at a detailed level and the steps are taught to perfection.  There is a real sense of community amongst all those that attend the class.  Since joining the classes, my 6-year old son's confidence has significantly increased. We even had BDL perform a workshop at his birthday party, and although most of his friends were from a non-punjabi background, it was thoroughly enjoyed by all.  Each week we look forward to the BDL classes and in the words on my 6-year old son - 'they are great!'.

Jagdip Kaur
Class Attendee

An electrifying atmosphere

“My initial approach to these classes was very lighthearted.  I had never expected to become such a dedicated and regular attendee.  These classes have given me an opportunity to benefit in many diverse ways.  I can honestly say they have had a profound effect on my well-being.  

Mr Asa Singh who leads these classes portrays a high level of enthusiasm and energy which naturally encourages you to do your best when learning the dance techniques.  You can feel the electrifying atmosphere as the music blasts through the room and everyone moves at their own pace creating a wave of satisfaction. It is evident from the comfortable ambience that each member of the BDL team take great pride in providing a professional and yet personal service. You can clearly see, the passion and drive they bring to the class as all participants finish with a smile on their face and a desire to attend the next class.

Since joining I have increased my stamina, lost weight and feel great overall.  This has contributed massively to my mindset about taking care of my health and fitness.   I would happily attend more classes if they were available. I enjoy the discipline in the class which pushes you achieve your next level of fitness.

By offering these classes Slough Active has created excellent opportunities for people of all backgrounds to come together in a positive environment where they can make new friends, build confidence and burn those calories resulting in increased self-esteem.  I have met a significant number of likeminded people looking to achieve a happy and healthy life!

Madhu Hafiz
Class attendee


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