Bhangra Dance London Academy

Bhangra Dance London Academy

The BDL Academy was founded to create a competitive learning space for students to learn word class choreography, experience team learning skills and work towards competing at national and international stages.

The students of the Academy have all undertaken basic training before joining. If you are looking for a team for your child to join, they must have prior basic Bhangra experience.

Although our students come from all walks of life and are of different age groups, they all share an unrivalled passion and aptitude in Bhangra.

Since the launch BDL has trained and showcased Live Bhangra, Music Bhangra, Luddi and even a BDL ‘Mums’ team.

We have in such little time achieved so much:

  • Double wins at the Bhangra Dancers Association Talent show where we showcased a junior Live and Music team.
  • A Luddi Exhibition- All girls live Luddi performance.
  • First Ever Kids Bhangra Team at the National University Competition, Capital Bhangra
  • Performing with UK Bhangra Superstar, Jaz Dhami.
  • Making it in the Slough Observer Click here to view

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Bhangra Dance London Lok Naach Academy is run by professionals with traditional, authentic and competitive experience: our aim is to now share the knowledge and promote a structured learning programme for enthusiasts.

Our training sessions run in line with the academic year. We welcome dancers who want to enter the world of performing arts and guarantee students opportunities to perform on national and international stages.

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