Bhangra Dance London workshops offer a great opportunity to those who would like to experience Bhangra and feel its energetic nature.

As our primary aim is to promote Bhangra and other Punjabi Folk dances, we have built our workshops to guarantee hands on knowledge for all organisations, teams and groups.

Watch a recent workshop at the University College London.


Bhangra Dance London - Fold Dance Workshops

Folk Dance Workshops

We have specialist instructors to take you through teachings of the Folk Dances of Punjab. These include specialist workshops for Bhangra, Jhoomer, Giddha and Luddi.

Sessions will ensure that steps are broken down into digestible sizes which will allow people of all levels to learn comfortably. The sessions end in giving the participants an opportunity to perform a routine learnt during the workshop.

We can even organise costumes and instruments for the full Punjabi experience. Contact us to learn more.

Bhangra Dance London  - School Workshops

Schools & University Workshops

We offer workshops to schools and colleges throughout the UK showcasing the authentic energetic dance to students of all ages and backgrounds.

A typical workshop will consist of children attending sessions throughout the day, learning traditional steps linked to historic north Indian festivals and ending by allowing children to demonstrate their newly learnt skills in a performance. All our instructors are DBS certified.

Bollywood Dance workshops are also available. Contact us to learn more.

Dhol Music Lessons


We have been fortunate enough to work with industry experts and experienced coaches. We operate under their guidance to help maintain the tradition of the art. Gurvi Kambo, one of UK’s most experience Drummers is an expert in playing Folk Dhol for Bhangra, making huge efforts in passing on the knowledge to keep the folk flag flying. BDL Dhol workshops are taken by Gurvi Kambo.

Private & group sessions, folk Bhangra training, Dhol repairs and performance enquires can be made via our Contact  page.

For more info on Gurvi Kambo and his bespoke Dhol repairs, visit

Bhangra Dance London - Professional Team Workshops

Professional Team Workshops

Our instructors have years of competitive experience with trophies to represent their knowledge. The BDL team have been involved in the UK Bhangra scene from the very start.

If you are training for a competition or performance and need assistance with the finished product get in touch. We are always willing to help!

Bhangra Dance International Appearances

International Appearances

With years of experience in delivering workshops to a range of audiences across the globe, our workshops can come directly to you!

We would love to hear from you, your dance organisation and Bhangra team.

Corporate, Community & Charity

Corporate Workshops

Bhangra Dance workshops are great ways to release from office stress, engage in physical activity and enhance team building.

Our sessions can be customised to your needs.



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